The first thing you see when you arrive in Minsk by train or by bus is the two richly decorated towers that are called the City Gates. 

The ensemble is located in one of the busiest districts of Minsk – it overlooks the railway station, and the bus terminal is fairly close by. This area has been the key transport hub ever since the 1870s when the crossing of two railway lines had been constructed here. 

After World War II, the Privokzalnaya Square came to be dominated by the 11-storeyed twin towers. On top of one of the towers there is the biggest clock in the country, 3.5 metres in diameter. The top of the second tower is adorned with the national emblem of the former Byelorussian Soviet Socialist Republic.

Cast a look at the old mechanism to check whether your clock keeps perfect time, and start your exploration of the city of Minsk.

Glavni sponzor

Glavni medijski sponzor

Veliki sponzorji